Guidelines for Poster Communications

The ISMEC 2021 “Posters communications” will consist in 2 different, but connected, parts:

  1. “Virtual Posters Session”
    A slot of 1h15 min in the programme, in the afternoon of the 2nd day of the conference, called “Virtual Posters Session”.  During this period, people is invited to do the “usual” type of “flash presentation”. As the time is very limited, we don’t intend that everyone does this flash presentation but we hope that everyone that want’s has this chance. For that purpose, we can not imagine to fit more than 15 presentations in this slot. Is short, I know, but is the best we can do. This is considering very short presentations (2-3 min).
  1. Team” on ISMEC2021 MsTeams
    To give the chance of everyone to show the poster and to allow everyone to see all the posters, it will be created a “Team” on ISMEC2021 MsTeams where we will have:
  • Posts: The posters posted as pictures, with the tag to the person that is presenting this poster. To this pic comments can be done by everyone in the team and the chat with the presenter will be initiated.  As such, we would like to ask you a .jpg version of your poster.
  • Files: The poster will be displaced also on the “files” tab. Here people can have a more “clear picture” of all the posters and all the work presented, and they can see read and analyse the posters hopefully even in a better way than with the pic. The files will be protected and it won’t be possible to download them or delete. For that purpose, please send us your poster on .pptx format.
  • Videos: It will be also possible to upload a video (4-5 min) with a presentation of your work. This is completely free, of course. Considering that we have limited slot for live flash presentations, this could be a nice alternative to present your work to the community.

The videos will be also tagged and available only for the people in the Team. To send the videos to us, please upload them on

In summary, if your work was accepted as Poster Communication please send us:

  • Your poster in powerpoint format
  • Your poster in fig format (e.g. jpg)
  • If you want, a 4-5 min video

Deadlines: there isn’t a “real deadline”. Please remember that the sooner we have your data, the sooner it will be available for visualization by the people registered on ISMEC2021.

Subject of the e-mail and name of the files: Surname_Name_POSTER

Attention: Authors are recommended to ensure the good quality of text and figures to allow the comfortable reading on a screen. Recommended file size should not exceed 3-5 MB. Files of excessive size will be compressed by the organization, with possible loss of resolution.